The New Athletic Stadium for Hollywood Park

Hollywood Park

Hollywood Park Stadium

Did you hear the Grand News!? It is official, the owner of St. Louis Rams plans to build NFL stadium in Inglewood, CA.

This huge stadium will give Inglewood a great chance to bring back the team and contribute with 80,000 NFL stadium seats and additional 6,000 seat performance
venue and development of office, retail, residential and hotel space to job growth and economic revitalization.

The 60 acres adjacent to the Forum was purchased by Rams owner Stan Kroenke, and has joined forced with the owners of the 238-acre Hollywood Park Site, Stockbridge Capital Goup. Fasten your seat belts. Inglewood is up and coming.

Terry Fancher, founder of Stockbridge stated: “We are excited to unveil an expanded plan that will bring a world-class sports and entertainment district to Hollywood Park and we are committed to build a project that will put Inglewood back on the map as home of the truly great sports and entertainment venues.”
Good News. The developers said “NO TAX DOLLARS” would be used for the construction project. The group will begin gathering signatures that would place the entire project on the Inglewood municipal ballot this year.

The investment and revitalization of Inglewood will also change the housing market and increase house values. Now is the time to sell and restructure your Real Estate investments in Inglewood Community. Contact: for more information.

How you too can Capitalize in Real Estate Syndications

Investing in real estate makes sense again. Purchasing a property is for many the largest investment they will ever make.

Nowadays with an acceptable credit score you can purchase a home, townhome or condo with a relatively low interest rate compared back in the 1980’s, when interest rates were just under 20%.

Now is the right time to invest in order to secure your future for the long term. Many investors (especially first timers) are waiting until they have saved a huge down payment.  However time value is of the essence.  While you are waiting property prices are climbing.

So how do you go about it?images

As an investor you understand that income property will give you long term passive income and leverage with the highest returns.

Great News!  If you do not have the adequate funds, you don’t have to wait. You can invest in a Real Estate Syndication.

The main reason investors participate in real estate syndications is the access to larger properties, higher cash flow and to leverage the experience of the syndicator, who carefully finds the gem to acquire, negotiates the terms and conditions for you and also helps with the property management and rehabbing.

Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation, and we will walk you step by step on how you can grow your nest egg.  As a team with 38 years of experience and purchases of over $60,000,000.00,  you can rest assure you are in good hands.

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Real Estate Forecast for 2014: Higher Prices & Good Times to Sell

As an accredited investor and real estate broker my passion is to follow real estate trends and market updates. I thought I share some of my findings with my network to help you better understand the current market developments.

Right now, the outlook looks welcoming for the real estate market, according to Fanny Mae’s most recent National Housing Survey.  Monthly National Housing Survey, shows that home values will keep improving throughout 2014.

However,Image the recent article by Brian O’Connell reports that this could have also a downside as many Americans trying to buy and remodel, banks can drive up interest rates. The monthly housing survey for December reports:

– 49% of U.S. adults say home prices will rise throughout 2014, up from  43% in December 2012.

– Consumers also believe that that their home values will rise this year to 2.3% from compared 2.6% in 2012.

– The number of Americans who believe it’s a good time to sell their homes took a sharp turn upward, according to Fannie Mae, with 33% of U.S. homeowners saying it’s a good time to sell their homes up from 21% a year ago.

– Buying a home should be easier, too. Half of the survey respondents say it will “be easier to get a home mortgage today,” compared with 45% in 2012.

If you have currently a property you are looking to sell or downsize, you should take advantage of this market before interest rates will start to change.  I also suggest that for investment opportunities, get your foot in the door and lock up the current interest rates which could affect you for the next 30years.

Please always feel free to contact me and my team for assistance and guidance. We also help sophisticated investors to build syndication’s and invest in trust deeds. My team of analysts take the time and explain how you can benefit by investing long term and secure your future and retirement.

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Hector Padilla